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Chris Paul Goes Viral For Hilarious Exchange With Suns Fan: "I’ve Been A Fan Since Day One...”

Chris Paul

In just two seasons with the Suns, Chris Paul has completely changed the situation for the franchise. After years of rebuilding and retooling, they finally struck gold in acquiring CP3, and he has led Phoenix to prosperity ever since.

Fast forward to today, and Paul's relationship with the team, and the fans, has never been tighter.

This week, that relationship was put on full display in one tweet featuring the All-NBA point guard and a young Phoenix fan.

It was a wholesome moment for Paul, but definitely not a rare one. Since his arrival, CP3 has played great for Phoenix, serving as a scorer, playmaker, and leader for the ball club.

Today, the Suns have become the example for other teams to follow. Each member has a close relationship, and each has contributed to building a truly exceptional culture in the locker room.

“Some people just think about going to a team. When I thought about going to Phoenix, people didn’t even know that was in my mind. I knew Monty already," said Paul. "Regardless of our relationship in the past, I know his mindset. I know he prepares. Don’t nobody know, that year I played for Monty [in New Orleans] … we started out 11-1. People don’t know that… How I operate in this point in my career. I’m like, ‘Damn, Devin there he nice.’ I already know he a dog. Willie there. Willie Green, that’s my man. Off the court, I know him he’ll keep my mental side. So I was like man, ‘this could work’.”

As great as it must be to be on Kevin Durant's radar, the Suns are still reeling from their playoff elimination this season. After so much work to secure the NBA's best record, nobody saw such an early exit for them.

But with Paul leading the show, there is no limit to what the Suns can accomplish. And despite the recent turn of events, he seems as excited as ever to be a part of the team.