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Chris Paul Is The First Player In NBA History With 20,000 Points And 10,000 Assists

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Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards that have ever played this game, and it's clear that he has been a huge catalyst for winning. He was one of the big reasons that the Phoenix Suns made the NBA Finals last year, which was his first time making it on the highest stage.

Chris Paul has broken quite a few statistical records over the course of his career. It is really early during the 2021-22 season, but it seems as though Chris Paul has achieved another milestone in his career. Paul is known for his longevity, and he played at a high level during the 2020-21 season making his 11th All-Star team. 

During the Phoenix Suns' recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Chris Paul became the first player to ever tally 20,000 points and 10,000 assists. In his prime (and even now), Chris Paul was known as a great playmaker, as well as being a three-level scorer. It makes sense that he'd achieve this particular feat, simply due to the fact that he is prolific at both scoring and assisting.

It is clear that Chris Paul has always been a special talent and the fact that he's managed to stay at the top for so long shows just how great he is. Every team that Chris Paul goes to increases its winning percentage, so it's clear that his talent also translates to winning and helping his teammates find success.

The Phoenix Suns will hope to be a contender once again this year, and they already blew out the Los Angeles Lakers this regular season. That's certainly a good sign for them, as the Los Angeles Lakers were viewed as one of the favorites for the championship going into this season. Hopefully, we see the Phoenix Suns have a good year, and they could potentially return to the Finals to finish the job.