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Chris Paul On Devin Booker's First Playoff Appearance: "I'm Just Happy The World Is Finally Getting To See Him."

Matt Barnes Explains Why He Won't Be Betting On The Phoenix Suns Next Season

There is no question that Devin Booker is one of the NBA's best and brightest young players. Averaging 22.9 points over a six-year span, he has done all he can to lead the Suns to a playoff berth.

Fortunately, this season, we're finally going to get to see him at the NBA's highest stage, a fact that many are excited about.

"I'm happy for him because he deserves it," said Chris Paul on ESPN. "Sometimes the casual fans don't get a chance to appreciate somebody's greatness, and Devin is a guy who's been doing it on a daily basis. I'm just happy the world is finally getting to see him."

Chris Paul's impact has been felt in Phoenix this season. After years of missing out on the postseason, Paul came in and added leadership, experience, and playmaking to the roster, and it has them second in the West with a 44-18 record.

Of course, Book himself has been the most important member of the team. It is with his scoring ability that the Suns have been so lethal on offense, and it is in Booker that the future fate of the team lies.

The question is, is this team ready to make some real noise, or do they need some more time, and experience, before they can break out of the West? We'll find out soon enough.