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Chris Paul Once Bet Michael Jordan That A Whole Camp Would All Get Jordan's If He Missed Three Shots

(via coachspoon2/IG)

(via coachspoon2/IG)

Everybody misses, right? Whether it's a fan in their backyard, friends playing pickup, or even an experienced veteran, nobody can make all of their shots.

Try telling that to the kids in this basketball camp, who were promised by NBA superstar Chris Paul that they'd win free shoes if Michael Jordan missed three shots. It sounds like a fair deal, and it might've worked in their favor if it was anyone else. But, in case you haven't guessed, the dude didn't miss a single shot.

At one point, Paul even covered MJ's eyes with the intent of throwing him off. It was in vain. He just drains every single shot like it's nothing.

A guy like Jordan knows the court so well, he has built up the muscle memory to make shots without actually seeing what's in front of him. Keep in mind, this is in 2016 -- years after his retirement.

Unfortunately, it seems the kids did not get shoes that day. Jordan is still ruthless when it comes to a competition.