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Chris Paul Reveals What His Son Texted Him After Hitting Clutch Shot Against The Nuggets

(via Basketball Forever)

(via Basketball Forever)

35-year-old Chris Paul may be past his athletic prime, but his value and leadership continue to work wonders for his team.

In just his fourth game with his new squad, CP3 helped the Suns to an impressive win over the Nuggets, hitting a clutch shot and persuading his coach to issue a challenge on the defensive end.

The performance was just another piece of evidence that Paul's mental strength is still enough to help win games.

But perhaps even greater was the response from his son after the final buzzer. On Instagram, Paul revealed the conversation on his story:

That's some serious family goals right there, and fans were absolutely loving it in the comments.

The "clutch genes" CP Jr. was talking about is no fiction. Over the years, the 10x All-Star has been known to step up in the most important moments -- like the game-winning floater against the San Antonio Spurs in 2015 and his most recent game with the Suns.

Whatever the case, Paul has quickly become one of the NBA's most widely respected players, not only for what he does on the court but also for the man he is off of it.