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Chris Paul Says He Was Disappointed When The NBA Blocked His Opportunity To Team Up With Kobe On The Lakers

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

Back in 2011, Chris Paul had already outgrown the New Orleans Hornets and both parties had agreed that it was for the best to let him go.

Thus, the Los Angeles Lakers were pretty close to pulling off a deal that would've sent Paul to the Staples Center to team up with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

However, David Stern eventually vetoed the trade (as the Hornets were owned by the league at the time) and Paul did end up in Los Angeles, but playing for the Los Angeles Clippers instead.

Obviously, this veto prevented Lakers fans from witnessing one of the most entertaining Big 3s the league could've had in the time, and Paul admitted to being quite disappointed by not having the opportunity of teaming up with Kobe outside of an All-Star Game:

"I'm disappointed that I didn't have the opportunity to team up with him. (...) the crazy part about the All-Star Games is that me and Kob' used to always say 'we won't lose'. We used to tell that to people. (...) I'll never forget the All-Star Game 2009 in Phoenix. We beat them so bad man, they were so mad", Paul said in Matt Barnes' and Stephen Jackson's podcast All The Smoke.

This isn't the first time Paul has addressed the subject, as we reported before that he would've loved to had the chance of teaming up with Kobe like they always discussed it over the phone:

“What if that trade would’ve happened with the Lakers?” Bleacher Report asked Paul in a recent one-on-one interview.

“I knew that (question) was coming,” Paul said. “It’s even crazier to think about now, given the situation in the past few months — losing Kobe and David Stern.

“It would’ve been special,” Paul added about playing for the Lakers. “I talk about it at some points. Me and Kobe actually got on the phone and talked about this and that. Me and my brother were about to get on a flight to L.A.

“There are times when I think, ‘This would’ve been (special),’ but I can’t get caught up in that. It all worked out.”

Paul still has some years left on his contract but he's been playing at a high level all year long. His great friend LeBron James is on the Lakers, so you know, never say never, perhaps one day we'll see him in the purple and gold in the end.