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Chris Paul Talks About Getting Traded, Lob City, And Donald Sterling In 'Cold As Balls' Interview With Kevin Hart

(via Laugh Out Loud)

(via Laugh Out Loud)

Chris Paul has had a relatively quiet season so far. As he works to regain his status as an elite point guard in the West, he is leading the OKC Thunder to a respectable record. He has remained largely in the limelight.

But in a recent chat with world-renowned comedian and actor Kevin Hart, we were able to catch up with the point guard superstar point guard as he talked about the trade, his former "Lob City" days and a whole host of topics about his life and career in the NBA.

This latest episode is the premiere of what is expected to be a big season for the show.

Particularly for Episode I, Paul really opened up about his past and his expectations about the season to come. He seemed at peace with the trade from Houston, saying the GM Daryl Morey didn't owe him anything. He spoke about the Donald Sterling saga in Los Angeles, and how his team pulled through that situation. He also spoke on his reputation in the NBA and recognized how he is viewed in many NBA circles.

Really, it was a revealing chat, and it seems Paul was willing to keep himself vulnerable in the exchange.

Looking forward to see what else is in store in the episodes to come.