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Chris Paul Was Spotted Talking About James Harden With A Ref: "You Know Him"

Chris Paul Was Spotted Talking About James Harden With A Ref: “You Know Him”

Chris Paul and James Harden have history. They deny any claim that they had trouble in Houston, but it's undeniable that they didn't get along. Paul was shipped to Oklahoma City last summer in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

Life is ironic sometimes and now CP3 and Harden are going at it in the Western Conference playoffs, with the series tied 2-2.

Before the series, both Paul and Harden said there was no issue between them but that disappeared as soon as they stepped on the court. They're trying to beat each other and any tactics they can use, they will use it. During Game 4 of the series, you could see Paul doing his thing, talking about Harden with a referee right behind the Houston Rockets star. Cameras caught the moment and one phrase from CP3.

"You know him," he appeared to be telling official Tony Brothers.

The situation happened in the last seconds of the game when everything was decided. It's unclear what they were talking about but Paul was referring to Harden. This series has been very entertaining so far and tomorrow they will bring us more good basketball.

Chris Paul and the Thunder keeps demonstrating they are not to be messed with and Harden is trying to demonstrate he can take this team to the big stages, even without Russell Westbrook.