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Chuck Tells Klay Thompson To His Face That Warriors Aren't Making The Playoffs

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The Warriors failed to impress in their season opening defeat against the L.A. Clippers.

The team struggled all night on both ends of the floor and were dominated in pretty much every way the entire game. They lost 141-122 to mark the most points allowed by Warriors in the Steve Kerr era.

In light of their struggles, despite it only being half of game one, TNT's Charles Barkley made a bold declaration to the face of Klay Thompson live on the air last night: the Warriors would not make the playoffs this season.

The second-half of the match certainly strengthened Barkley's point. The Warriors did not recover and seemed much weaker than their Western Conference foe. Regardless, one thing is clear: this is not the same team we've been accustomed to seeing the past five years.

With Klay injured, Kevin Durant gone, and Andre Iguodala set to be a Laker, perhaps there were too many losses for the Dubs to recover from this time around. It certainly looked like it last night, even if it was just one game.