CJ McCollum Confirms Patrick Beverley Trash Talked Stephen Curry After Bev Denied It



The Patrick Beverley-Stephen Curry 'five years' exchange has been a hot topic in the league recently. After the former Los Angeles Clippers player was traded from L.A. to Memphis and then Minnesota, NBA fans mocked him for claiming he would get the next five years in the league after the Clips landed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. 

Beverley reportedly told Stephen Curry he had had the last five years, and it was time for Pat to get the next five. These words have hunted Beverley ever since the Clippers collapsed in the 2020 NBA playoff, blowing a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the postseason. 

“You had the last five years, the next five years are mine," he allegedly told Curry.

NBA fans always keep the receipts, and this time wasn't different. They showed Beverley's words, calling him out for celebrating way before time. The veteran point guard denied these claims, saying he never said that. 

Well, that's not what CJ McCollum remembers happening during a game. The Portland Trail Blazers star made a big revelation on his ‘Pull Up with CJ McCollum’ podcast. The shooting guard confirmed the interaction did happen, taking a jab at Pat Bev. 

“The funny part of all this is that I remember once upon a time Patrick Beverley was talking to Steph Curry during the game at half court. And he told the Steph that you know you guys had your run the next five years are mine and he kind of fast forward and life always I guess it comes full circle.”

McCollum, Beverley, and the Clippers didn't have the best relationship since they clashed in the bubble, creating some issues between them. This was an excellent opportunity for him to diss the 33-year-old and didn't miss it, confirming he made this bold claim to Stephen Curry, who just asked him how old he was to be ruling the league for five years.