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CJ McCollum Explains How Difficult It Is To Guard Stephen Curry: "He's A Galaxy, He's A Planet, He's A Solar System. Everything Revolves Around Him."

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Stephen Curry is one of the best offensive players in the game today. He is obviously well-known for his prowess from range, and there's no doubt that he is an elite offensive engine due to his sharpshooting ability. The threat of him firing from distance often forces teams to send multiple defenders at him.

CJ McCollum has recently explained how difficult it is for a team to guard Stephen Curry, pointing out that he isn't a player that "you can guard with just one person", and adding that the game plan "is to minimize his open looks" because Stephen Curry is unstoppable. Jarrod Castillo of NBC Sports relayed the news.

"It's very tough," McCollum said plainly during the Warriors' final summer league game. McCollum also mentioned how the Warriors' system, Curry's ability to create his own shot and stretch to the defense all the way to halfcourt, and his stamina are what make him special.

Additionally, McCollum shared what opposing teams' defensive gameplans are when playing Curry and the Warriors.

"You have to throw different bodies at him; this isn't a guy you can just guard with one person," he said. "He's a galaxy, he's a planet, he's a solar system. Everything revolves around him."

McCollum concludes that overall, the game plan is to minimize his open looks because it's not really possible to stop him. Paired with Klay Thompson, the "Splash Brothers" arguably are the hardest guard combo to stop in the league, and while Klay's incredible shooting has a lot to do with that, Curry's shooting prowess is on another level. 

There is no doubt that CJ McCollum knows what he's talking about, as he's faced Stephen Curry in the playoffs and in the regular season during his time with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Trail Blazers did not manage to beat the Warriors during McCollum's tenure. There are also other players, such as Marcus Smart, who have claimed Stephen Curry is tough to guard.

It remains to be seen if a team finds a way to truly stop Stephen Curry. Most superstars are generally difficult to fully stop, and the best one can do is try to contain them, as CJ McCollum suggests.