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CJ McCollum On LeBron James: 'People Thought He Was Going To Become A Karl Malone, But He's Shooting More 3s"

CJ McCollum On LeBron James: 'People Thought He Was Going To Become A Karl Malone, But He's Shooting More 3s"

LeBron James is enchanting everybody in his 18th season in the NBA, remaining as the best players in the world and one of the leaders for the MVP award this campaign. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar isn't slowing down and he's actually improving his level season after season.

James is already having the greatest 18th NBA season in history and he's doing it by playing totally different from what most people expected him to play. Portland Trail Blazers' guard CJ McCollum recently joined Bill Simmons on "The Bill Simmons Podcast" to discuss a variety of topics. LeBron's greatness was one of them and CJ didn't hide his admiration for the player, who keeps expanding his game instead of settling.

When Simmons asked the player if he had inquired Carmelo Anthony about LeBron James' secret to be this great, the guard said (7:51 mark):

McCollum: "It's crazy because you always kind of figure out like when is the decline coming? The way he's shooting the ball now -- I thought later in his career he would shift to a post player, I was thinking like 'he'll just back guys down and get 20 and 10. Like he'll just play closer and it'll be easy to get 20 and 10."

Simmons: "Like Karl Malone. Late Karl Malone, something like that."

McCollum: "Right. He's doing the opposite, he's dribbling more, he's running more pick and rolls, he's shooting more 3s so if like, if he shifts his game like this to where he still can dunk and still can move, he'll play for, what is Brady? 42? If he shoots the ball like this, he can do five more years easily because his jumper is gonna be so reliable. And that's the difference between Vince Carter. When you shift your game and you learn how to shoot, you can literally do whatever you want to do if you can handle the ball and pass like he can. I think he plays for sure until his son is in the league and then from there is just a matter of how does he feel and what he's trying to accomplish."

LeBron's game has evolved over the past couple of years. He moved the same way the league moved and that's the main reason why he keeps ruling the association. Back in December, he made it clear he isn't the regular 38-year-old and he always tried to stay ready for any challenge.

It'll be interesting if LeBron will play with his son Bronny in the league but seeing the way he's playing now, that possibility doesn't sound that crazy.