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CJ McCollum On Zion Williamson: "Leave The Young Fella Alone. He's Trying To Rehab In Peace, Right, And Get Himself Ready To Get Back."

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Zion Williamson is a young star forward for the New Orleans Pelicans. There is no doubt that he is a promising player, and many projected him as a future superstar. He's a devastating force at the rim and can get there and score there at will.

Recently, Zion Williamson has faced a lot of scrutiny from the media, due to some recent comments from JJ Redick, where Redick suggested Williamson is a "detached teammate", as he didn't text CJ McCollum upon his trade to the Pelicans. Zion Williamson is currently absent from the team as he is rehabbing a foot injury.

CJ McCollum has spoken some encouraging words towards Zion Williamson today, telling everyone to leave him "alone", and added that Zion Williamson is "trying to rehab in peace" and getting "himself ready to get back".

Leave the young fella alone, man. He’s trying to rehab in peace, right, and get himself ready to get back. We spoke and I’ll speak to him next week to catch up with him. He’s a very talented player and he’s going through a lot.”

And you guys have put him on the spot, on the daily. I think he’s just trying to recover on his own time and really focus on his rehab. I’ve been injured before so I know what it’s like — you feel disconnected, you feel away, you wish you could be out there.”

Mentally & physically, it’s tough on the body & then you’ve got to read about yourself all the time. I know it’s frustrating. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. We’re going to get along very well and continue to build our relationship. I’ll be here for him when he needs me.

There's no doubt that this is a good gesture from the veteran guard. At this moment what matters most is Zion Williamson's health, and outside distractions can affect his mental health and rehabilitation process negatively. It is also worth noting that CJ McCollum can empathize with Zion Williamson's predicament, as he's had a foot injury before.

Hopefully, we see Zion Williamson be able to play this year, as the Pelicans would be a very good team on paper when he comes back. With that being said, the New Orleans Pelicans should wait till next season if that means Zion Williamson will be fully healthy, and they could potentially make some noise then.