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CJ McCollum Speaks Out On Ben Simmons Trade Rumors: "I Can't Control Any Of The Noise That Comes With Playing This Game."

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Ben Simmons and CJ McCollum

It is common knowledge that the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to move on from Ben Simmons in a trade. Simmons has not suited up at all for the franchise this year, and it's clear that he doesn't intend to play.

A player that Ben Simmons has often been linked with is CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers, with many believing that the swap could be beneficial for both teams, as the 76ers need a capable perimeter creator and the Trail Blazers need someone who will shore up their defense.

CJ McCollum has recently spoken to Tania Ganguli of the New York Times about the consistent trade rumors surrounding him and Ben Simmons. It seems as though he has accepted that he "can't control any of the noise" and McCollum knows that as an NBA player, one "will be involved at some point in rumors".

I’ve always focused on controlling the controllables. I can’t control any of the noise that comes with playing this game. I can say that as a basketball player you will be involved at some point in rumors regardless of the magnitude because you play a sport. The media kind of dictates the story line. Success and failure also plays a role.

But in terms of where I’m at mentally and physically, I’m recovering from an injury and enjoying being a husband, potential father, a son, teammate and a brother. I think that’s where my focus is at and that’s where my focus will remain.

While a potential player swap could be beneficial for both teams, Daryl Morey reportedly has aspirations of getting CJ McCollum's teammate Damian Lillard back in a trade, and it's unclear whether there are any ongoing negotiations between the 76ers and the Trail Blazers.

At the end of the day, even if CJ McCollum does end up getting traded, he could potentially thrive next to Joel Embiid. Oftentimes, players have found success after moving to a new situation and perhaps that will be the case if there is a trade.