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CJ McCollum Takes Shot At Warriors Fans


The inconsistency of sports fans has always been prevelant in our world.

When things are going good, fans might use certain narratives to show their happiness, but when things aren't going as well, fans might use that same narrative to tell a different tale.

Well, following the Dubs' Game 3 victory yesterday, CJ McCollum noticed an example of that inconsistency in Warriors fans, and he just couldn't help but call it out. Here's what he tweeted out late last night:

As salty as this comment appears, McCollum isn't totally wrong. Throughout the Houston series, a lot of folks criticised Kevin Durant for his iso plays, calling the move "selfish," and saying it was bogging down the offense. But now, after KD went off for 43, 13, and 7, the Warriors fans seem to be forgetting how much they disliked KD's isolation plays last series.