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CJ McCollum Trolls LeBron James Over His ‘Calm’ Endorsement Deal: “That Calm App Got Bron Quick Releasing Treys.”

CJ McCollum Trolls LeBron James Over His ‘Calm’ Endorsement Deal: “That Calm App Got Bron Quick Releasing Treys.”

The Los Angeles Lakers opened their NBA season last night with a loss to the Golden State Warriors. The new-look Lakers struggled with chemistry in their official go-around, and couldn't get past a more in-form Warriors team. Fans roasted the Lakers', as their big three couldn't overcome a weaker Warriors side.

But despite this, there are positives to take away from the purple and gold. For starters, LeBron James and Anthony Davis put out superstar numbers, with both players getting 30+ points and double-doubles. James was especially great, scoring 34 points, and looking good with his three-point shooting. 

James made 5 of his 11 three-pointers, averaging just a little under 50%. He and Anthony Davis did everything in their power to get the Lakers the win. But James' scoring from beyond the arc will be very encouraging for the Lakers going forward.

LeBron has never been a spectacular three-point shooter but has been improving steadily over the last few years. But if James can make his shots on a regular basis, the Lakers will be able to improve their fortunes as the season goes on.

James' prowess from the three-point line did come as a shock to quite a few people. In fact, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum had some funny thoughts to share about LeBron's hot streak from the three-point line. 

McCollum poked fun at James' endorsement with self-help app 'Calm', suggesting that the app was the reason for his three-point scoring.

"That calm app got bron quick releasing treys. Let me download this jawn"

Clearly, McCollum was having a little bit of fun now that the new NBA season has started. Regardless of the reason behind it, Lakers fans will be hoping that James can continue to put up similar numbers, especially from the three-point line.

Whether James will be able to maintain this excellent scoring range, that remains to be seen. For the moment, the Lakers will want to regroup and get better ahead of their next game against the Phoenix Suns on Friday.