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Cleveland Cavaliers Expected To Offer Jarrett Allen $100 Million Extension

via NBAE/Getty Images

via NBAE/Getty Images

Jarrett Allen is an extremely promising center. Allen is an incredible rim protector, and he has managed to block shots from some big superstars such as LeBron James. There is no wonder that the Cleveland Cavaliers pounced on the chance to get him in the blockbuster James Harden trade. During his time with the Cavaliers, Jarrett Allen has managed to average 13.6 PPG and 9.5 RPG, while getting the most minutes that he's had in his career. Jarrett Allen is on the right trajectory to develop into an elite center.

While the Brooklyn Nets sent him away in order to land James Harden, it seems like Jarrett Allen may be staying long-term with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Chris Fedor has reported that the Cavaliers could offer Allen a huge $100 million dollar extension, which would keep him in Cleveland for a few seasons.

I’d expect Allen’s total number to creep close to $100 million, maybe even a bit north of that. It would put his salary around $20 million annually. Even though he’s a restricted free agent and the Cavs have sent clear signals that Allen isn’t going anywhere, the 22-year-old center will be one of the top free-agent targets. He’s a no-maintenance, ascending big who fits the modern era because of the vertical spacing he creates and a willingness to thrive without having plays for him. He also impacts winning at a high level. Who wouldn’t want him? Well, aside from Brooklyn.

While Allen will be a top free agent at the end of the season, it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers have no intention of letting him go. Allen fits their rebuilding timeline, and there is no reason to not re-sign a talented center. It definitely looks like the Cavaliers will keep Allen, though it may come at the price of a hefty extension.