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Cleveland Cavaliers Looking To Re-Sign Ricky Rubio After Trading Him To Indiana Last Season

Cleveland Cavaliers Looking To Re-Sign Ricky Rubio After Trading Him To Indiana Last Season

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great season in 2021-22, even though they missed the Playoffs after looking like playoff locks for most of the season. They had two players take All-Star leaps in Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen, while players like Evan Mobley looked solid in their development,

The Cavaliers were cursed with poor injury luck over the season. They lost scoring guard Collin Sexton early into the season but had Ricky Rubio playing like the perfect floor general for the young Cavaliers. However, even Rubio would be sidelined after tearing his ACL in December. The Cavs would trade him to the Indiana Pacers while injured to acquire Caris LeVert.

Rubio hasn't played a game for Indiana and his contract will be expiring this summer. This leaves Rubio open to signing with a team of his choice in the next few months, with the Cavaliers reportedly looking to bring him back to the squad,

Rubio was great for Cleveland and the injury was unfortunate. They had to include him in the deal to get LeVert but could sign him back now. With his age and the injury he is coming off, it doesn't look like Rubio will have many suitors lining up to take a risk on him on the roster.

He may not be the de-facto point guard anymore with the incredible performances we saw from Darius Garland but would be a great mentor and off-the-bench presence for this Cleveland team. They clearly gelled around him through the first few months of last season, so having him back will be positive for everyone.

Rubio probably won't play through the start of the season due to rehab from his injury. He would be a useful piece for any team in the second half of the season, provided he can continue controlling the floor like he used to.