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Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets Sold For The Extremely Cheap $2 In Post-LeBron James Era

JR smith Clarkson Hill

It’s a sad sight for the Cleveland Cavaliers who are facing a second Post LeBron James era and this time, it looks like it’s going to take a much longer time for the Cavs to return to finals contention.

Unfortunately this time, there’s no chance that LeBron will return and save the day for the Cavaliers. With the team 0 and 4 for the beginning of the 2018/2019 season, there are not many things for the Cavs fans to look forward to over the rest of the season.

The most shocking sight to see is how little Cavaliers fans are now able to get into Quicken Loans Arena to watch the team play. TMZ Sports captured an image from online ticket outlet Flash Seats that showed fans can book tickets for the match against the Brooklyn Nets for as little as two dollars.



Even the extremely cheap prices wouldn’t have been worth it for some Cavaliers supporters as the Nets dominated the game and ending with a 102 to 86 victory over Cleveland.

Cavaliers fans are certainly passionate fans but there won’t be many who have high expectations for the next few seasons as the team looks to rebuild and start from scratch. Cleveland Cavaliers are now the only winless team in the Eastern Conference.