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Cleveland Newspaper Takes Shot At LeBron James

Cavs Newspaper

Shades of 2010 came back to haunt the city of Cleveland once again as the Star of their city LeBron James chose to leave The Land and go play for the Purple and Gold in Los Angeles. Last time James left after ‘The Decision’ Cleveland fans burned LeBron jerseys, called him a traitor and the owner Dan Gilbert wrote that infamous letter saying the Cavs would win a ring before the King.

It seems that this time, even though James left on really good terms, some fans are still bitter about his departure. Chris Fedor from The Plain Dealer wrote “Lonzo Ball and Lakers at The Q on Nov. 21. Former Cavs James expected to play”.

Talk about being bitter.

Everyone in Cleveland should be eternally grateful to LeBron; he put Cleveland on the map and brought them their only ever championship. Not many people are bigger than the city they play for, but LeBron certainly is.

Should make for a good watch when James returns to the Q.