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Clippers Fans Are Furious Over Kawhi Resting Games

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

When Kawhi Leonard first joined the Clippers, the community was in an uproar with celebration.

Now that he's here, and the season has begun, Clippers fans are more irritated than anything else. Through 8 games to start the season, Kawhi has missed 2 already due to "load management." The Clippers are 0-2 in those games.

It has become clear that this practice is going to become normal for Kawhi throughout the season, and it could cost the team several games and maybe even home-court advantage in the playoffs.

In a post-game segment following the Clippers' loss against Utah, ESPN gauged the feelings of fans. They were less than pleased.

In the end, it is unlikely the reaction of fans will make a difference in Kawhi sitting out or playing.

Part of the reason he chose the Clippers was so he could rest at his own pace. But at what point do we draw the line? Sitting out the most important games at such a frequent rate is damaging to the team, and just doesn't make sense in a lot of minds.

We are seeing the frustration from even the staunchest of fans.

The only form of validation will come if he lifts that trophy in June. Anything else will be scrutinized...