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Clippers’ Owner Steve Ballmer wants to improve NBA viewer experience


The Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer wants to improve NBA viewer experience who are not in the arena.

“There’s an idea that I’m very excited about which we will do with the Clippers,” he said on Bill Simmons’ podcast. “And yet it will be hard for us to realize its full potential without the league picking it up. I am excited about what you can do with software over the internet to transform the experience for a fan who is not in the arena. Whether they are on their phone [or] they’re in their home, can you, through software-based techniques, change it so that you see the game from Chris Paul’s perspective? Instead of a center-court camera; I want to see the game the way Chris Paul sees the game. Software can actually let that happen.”

It will be very interesting to see from the perspective of Chris Paul, but it will be very tough to implement such a software at this moment.

“Software can figure it out. If we can’t figure it out this year, we can figure it out in two to three years. So yes, I’ll exaggerate how quickly it can happen. But it’s going to happen.”


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