Clippers Pay Marcus Morris $64M Guaranteed For 4 Years. Lakers Pay Markieff Morris The Veteran Minimum.

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Clippers Pay Marcus Morris $64M Guaranteed For 4 Years. Lakers Pay Markieff Morris The Veteran Minimum.

The Morris Brothers have secured a spot in the NBA at least for the next season. Marcus and Markieff signed new deals with their teams, although they're very different from one another. The Clippers disbursed $64 million for Marcus to retain him for the next four years while Markieff didn't have the same luck, settling to a minimum veteran deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is a very contrasting offseason for them, in terms of their individual contracts, but this shouldn't be a problem for the twin brothers. Back in 2014, the Phoenix Suns agreed to a very interesting deal with the brothers. It was quite a deal and it didn't take too long for them to agree to it.

Via AZ Central:

Because the twins' lives are so intertwined to the point of basketball unity, Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby first negotiated a cumulative figure of $52 million over four years for the Morris twins with their agent, Leon Rose.

Babby turned to them for how the money should be divided. Markieff, who is expected to fill some of the void created by Channing Frye's departure, wound up with $32 million over four years. Frye, too, signed a four-year, $32 million deal with Orlando.

Marcus received $20 million over four years. The contract extensions start next year. Markieff and Marcus will play this season under their rookie contracts — $3.15 million and $3.11 million, respectively.

The most incredible part of this is that regardless of how was getting the bigger contract, the money was going to be shared between the two. Turned out they shared the same bank account.

That part really did not matter to them. It all goes to the same household — and even the same bank account for how they co-exist at work and home.

"It didn't matter if it was me getting $5 million and Mook (Marcus) getting $8 million," Markieff said. "We told them it didn't matter. If they just put $13 (million) a year for the Morris twins, that would've been great. They wouldn't even have to say our names.

"We're $52 million players."

Six years after that, nothing has changed for the players and even after signing very different contracts, they aren't worried about anything. However, Marcus wanted his old brother to bring more money to the table, as he wrote following his contract extension with the Clippers.

Now they'll have to fight again in the battle of Los Angeles and Markieff has already promised his brother he will bring the second ring, not the money.

Lakers and Clippers are expected to go at it this upcoming season so we'll finally see the matchup that the Clips' collapse snatched from us last season.