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Clippers President Lawrence Frank Says Paul George Is Ready For MVP Season: "He's Had A Purposeful, Driven, And 100% Productive Offseason."

Paul George

For most of their existence, the Los Angeles Clippers have been little more than a lottery team. As the 'secondary' Los Angeles basketball team, the Clips have always been doomed to live in the shadow of their big brother.

But this season, there is a sense that things could be about to change for the Clippers. The roster is stacked, Kawhi Leonard is healthy again, and Paul George may be on the cusp of the best stretch of his career.

According to team President Lawrence Frank, the Los Angeles swingman has been working hard this offseason to deliver a huge performance this campaign.

(via Sportskeeda)

"It speaks so much of the investment. Leadership is serving, not being served, and I think Paul embodies that with his actions."

Paul George has unquestioned talent, but his reputation has taken a bit of a hit in recent years. Despite having achieved little postseason success, PG walks with a certain air of confidence that he has yet to live up to.

Paul George Has The Potential To Lead The Clippers To A Championship

With the Pacers, Thunder, and Clippers, George has fallen short time and time again. This year, with a great team and health on his side, he could be poised for another breakout season.

Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala even recently tagged Geoge as the 'second most talented player in the NBA."

And while most of the focus is on Kawhi Leonard's return, Paul George is another whose influence cannot be overstated. PG may not be the Top 10 player he once was during his Pacers days, but he remains one of the best two-way players in the league. But he has received the highest praise from NBA champion Andre Iguodala, who has said he's the second most talented player in the league on the Point Forward podcast.

"I'm still a fan of Paul George. Paul George, the second most talented player in the league to me. He got it all. I think that would be a good matchup. Battle of LA must-see TV as well." 

With averages of 24.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game on 42.1% shooting, Paul George had a pretty solid campaign in the 2021-22 season -- but there is room for improvement.

In the wild west, with teams like the Warriors, Nuggets, and Suns competing for a title, Paul George will have to be at his best if the Clippers want any chance of edging out the competition.

It's a good thing that the franchise has shown complete and total confidence in the guy so far. Now all we have to wait and see if PG can prove their faith was well-founded.