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Clippers, Suns, And Wizards Suddenly Cancel Today's Practices In Orlando


The NBA clearly has a plan to keep players safe in the Orlando bubble but the world is still kind of wary and cautious about how this thing is going to turn out.

Some people think the bubble isn't safe because players won't follow the rules or simply because we still don't know about the long-term effects of Covid-19, thus several players have opted to sit out the remainder of the season.

So, the internet was full of doubts when Yahoo! Sports Kenny Smith reported that the NBA announced that the Clippers, Suns, and Wizards suddenly canceled their practices scheduled for Sunday:

"The NBA just announced that the Clippers, Suns and Wizards have all canceled their practices scheduled for today. Hopefully it's just a normal day off for each team and nothing more," Smith tweeted.

The league has tried to keep everything that's going on in the bubble privately, even going as far as to ask JR Smith to stop unveiling the 'secrets' and complaining on Instagram, so this sudden canceling of practice raised some doubts about what could be underneath.

Even so, it could all be just teams trying to manage loads of their players after a 3-months hiatus, as there are also plenty of concerns about potential injuries after such a long layoff.

Hopefully, this will be just some good rest for their players and coaching staff and not another Covid-19 outbreak among NBA athletes, as it feels like the slightest setback could put the season in jeopardy, this time for good. We'll follow this story closely and provide timely updates when (if) needed.