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Clyde Drexler Reveals Explains He Still Hasn't Watched "The Last Dance"

(via FanSided)

(via FanSided)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, most sports fans found solace in watching "The Last Dance." There, a detailed and behind-the-scenes account of the 90s Bulls was told -- and it was all anyone was talking about for weeks.

For NBA legend Clyde Drexler, though, he has yet to watch a minute of the documentary and he provided a very good explanation as to why in a chat with Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports.

“I didn’t watch it. I lived it,” Drexler said. “Hopefully down the road, I’ll get some opportunities to do that.”

Drexler was also asked to respond to some harsh comments Jordan made about him during the doc.

“Everyone has a healthy respect for each other at this stage of their life. You have to take it in perspective. We were truly competitive. I haven’t seen (the documentary). So I don’t know how to respond to your question. But I have a lot of respect for Michael and Magic. I wish them nothing but well.”

It's all love from Clyde. Over the course of his 16-year career, it was never about dramatics -- and that much seems to have stayed the same.

And for "The Last Dance," he did something better than watch it, he lived it. He was there to witness that team with his own eyes and, clearly, he has a profound respect for their game.