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Coach Tom Thibodeau Supports Play-In Tournament: "I Think A Lot Of Teams Being Involved In Important Games, I Think That's Good For The League."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The play-in tournament has been a controversial topic this season, with many people having largely opposite opinions of it. Some people love it and suggest that it adds excitement to the end of the regular season and discourages outright tanking due to the potential of more teams making the playoffs. Others say that it's extra wear and tear on players, and say that it devalues part of the regular season.

Coach Tom Thibodeau was someone who has recently weighed in on the matter. The New York Knicks are at no risk of being a play-in team so perhaps his perspective may differ from other people, such as LeBron James, who has stated that whoever came up with the idea should be fired. Joe Vardon of The Athletic featured Thibodeau's words in his recent article, and Thibodeau seems to be a fan of more teams being involved in the playoff chase.

I think we have to let it play out first and then assess it again, but I think a lot of teams being involved in important games, I think that’s good for the league. I think you’re always concerned about (wear and tear), and so we’ll see how it plays out. The initial thought of it I think is very good.

The athletes' health should always be a priority, and Thibodeau acknowledges that factor. However, he does mention that the core idea of the play-in tournament is a good one. Perhaps with some changes, the play-in tournament could become a great way for the NBA to make things interesting near the bottom of the standings.