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Coaching Sources Still Believe Luke Walton Is On The Hot Seat


Among everything else that has surrounded the Los Angeles Lakers this season, Luke Walton's job security has long been in doubt. With the Lakers playing pretty inconsistent (especially lately, going 5-5 in their last 10), and the team looking towards the future, Luke's fit with what's to come has never been a bigger question.

Though, as The Athletic's Sam Amick points out, it's not necessarily the future that's the issue for Walton. It's his lack of a past with the Lakers' front office.

When it comes to the discussion about Lakers loyalty and whether Walton enjoys any from his bosses or the game’s greatest player, that lack of shared history will be the elephant-in-the-room factor all season long. It’s why coaching sources continue to peg Walton as the most likely to feel his seat grow warm if there’s an extended Lakers losing streak, and why this latest span of five losses in the last nine games is the sort of downward turn he needs to avoid. Yet all in all, the Lakers are much improved from that early stumble. The defense that was so porous through seven games is third in defensive rating since, with the addition of Tyson Chandler playing a major part (they’re 12th in net rating during that time). LeBron has plenty to be thankful for as well.

The margin for error is very thin for coach Walton. Laker's cold streaks, like the one they're now, are very dangerous for him.

Its long been noted that Luke Walton was never Magic Johnson/Rob Pelinka's hire to begin with. He was brought in during the Kupchak era. This new regime was implemented after he was already with the team.

It's already been reported that Magic is eager to bring in his own guy.

So, as the 2018/19 campaign roars on, the future of Luke with this Laker team will continue to be topic. It's up to the team to continue to play well, or they may find themselves with a new coach before the season's end.