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Colin Cowherd Believes The Celtics Will Beat The Bucks

(via The Sporting News)

(via The Sporting News)

It is what many are dubbing the greatest second-round playoff series in history. Raptors vs Sixers, Warriors vs Rockets, and Celtics vs Bucks.

In regards to the latter, how much of a chance do the 4th seeded Celtics have against the 1st seeded Bucks?

They certainly have the fire-power, but their inconsistency is a big concern. By all accounts, anything could happen. On his morning show, Colin Cowherd made his prediction as to who will close out this series.

“Kyrie Irving is kind of underrated,” Cowherd said. “Here’s a remarkable thing. His regular season shooting is 46 percent. Playoffs, it doesn’t dip. His 3-point shooting is 35 percent in the regular season and 41 in the playoffs. That is very rare. In the playoffs, you face better opponents, better rosters, better defenses, better teams, better analytics, and better coaches. He shoots better in the playoffs. That is incredibly rare. Almost everybody’s numbers come down in the playoffs.”

Cowherd certainly makes a valid point. There is nobody that can close out games in the clutch like Kyrie. We have seen multiple examples of this over his tenure, including the 2016 Finals.

So, even as good as Milwaukee has been, can they overcome the experience, depth, and fire-power that the Celtics contain? It remains to be seen, but we will be in for a real treat when it finally transpires.