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Colin Cowherd: 'MJ Scared And Intimidated Much Harder, Bad Ass Players In His Era. Can You Imagine MJ Against The Stars Of This Skinny Jeans Era. A Mental Mismatch. Guys Today Get Bent On A Mean Tweet. MJ Abused His Own Teammates.'



One thing "The Last Dance" is highlighting is the unapologetic, gritty, hard-nosed attitude of Michael Jordan. He wasn't afraid to be himself, even if it meant stepping on some toes.

He demanded excellence and instilled that hunger in others. He was (and is) the embodiment of an "alpha male," a dude who takes control and doesn't take nonsense from anyone.

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd understands that better than anyone, it seems, and recently spoke on Twitter to explain how much that mindset differs from anyone in the league today.

It is true that today's culture seems to get pretty emotional over what they see online. In fact, one NBA star pretty much proved Cowherd's point in a response to the Tweet.

Kevin Durant is another example. Instead of focusing on the court and taking criticism, he devotes hours of his time to argue and fight with fans who have anything negative to say.

It just seems to be a modern trend of today's sports stars. Make of it what you will.

But if you insert a guy like Jordan into today's culture, and the results may be nothing short of electrifying.