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Colin Cowherd Reveals His All-Time First, Second And Third Team

Colin Cowherd Reveals His All-Time First, Second And Third Team

The NBA world has always been fascinated with all-time player rankings as they look to figure out who is the best to ever do it. We often see analysts give us their opinions on the topic and it unsurprisingly leads to a lot of debate and discussions, as was the case when Colin Cowherd gave us his All-time NBA rosters.

Cowherd is known for his flaming hot takes and here he was attempting to highlight Steph Curry's impact on the game as he feels that the Warriors guard perhaps isn't appreciated as much as he should be. He had Steph on his Third team and argued that no one in NBA history can do what Curry can:

"Very rarely are great players underrated. Michael didn't change the game. LeBron didn't change the game. Steph changed the sport." — @ColinCowherd puts together his All-Time NBA rosters

As for his First team, there can be few arguments about who Cowherd went with here, as it consisted of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Four of those are pretty much locked for everyone, while Cowherd justified having Bird in there over Tim Duncan as the team lacked some outside shooting.

For his Second team, he had Isiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant, Julius Erving, Tim Duncan, and Wilt Chamberlain, some of the biggest names in NBA history. The Third team consisted of Curry, Jerry West, Charles Barkley, Kevin Durant, and Shaquille O'Neal. NBA fans, as you would expect, had a lot to say about Cowherd's rankings here:

From the looks of it, only a few seem to have major issues with his teams, as someone like Bill Russell probably deserves a spot in there someone. Most of the people seem to be taking issue with the remark that Jordan and LeBron didn't change the game, which is quite frankly a bit absurd to say at this point.

As one fan correctly pointed out, before Jordan, the sentiment around the league was that you needed a great big man to have success in the NBA, but he changed that notion. Jordan showed that a great guard can get it done at the highest level and we have seen that over and over again since then.