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Colin Cowherd Reveals His Top 5 Among Players Left In The Playoffs: Stephen Curry Is No. 1, Andrew Wiggins Is Surprisingly No. 5

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The NBA playoffs are currently in the Conference Finals stage, with only 4 teams currently left standing. Those teams are the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics, and the Dallas Mavericks. All of those teams have premier players and stars that can turn the tide of a game.

NBA analyst Colin Cowherd has recently compiled a list of the best players remaining in the playoffs. The list features Stephen Curry as the best player left in the playoffs, with Luka Doncic, Jimmy Butler, and Jayson Tatum following after him, in that order. A relatively surprising selection was Andrew Wiggins at No. 5.

While Wiggins has played well, a lot of people believe that he is not even a top-3 player on his own team, as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are both generally viewed as better players by Warriors fans. There are also other players such as Jaylen Brown and Bam Adebayo that have an argument for that No. 5 position.

All 5 of these players have contributed heavily to their teams' success during the playoffs this year. Stephen Curry, Luka Doncic, Jimmy Butler, and Jayson Tatum are all superstars that are leading their teams. Andrew Wiggins is a two-way player that takes on the best perimeter player on the opposing team, while also providing supplementary offense. Without those 5 players, their teams would simply not function as well.

It remains to be seen who ends up winning the championship. The team that is likely coming out of the Western Conference is the Golden State Warriors, who are currently up 3-1 on the Dallas Mavericks. The series between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics is locked at 2-2, and the currently ongoing Game 5 is definitely a must-win game for both teams. We'll see who ends up in the Finals soon enough, and regardless of the matchup, it is bound to be exciting.