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Colin Cowherd Says Damian Lillard Is The Perfect Fit For The Celtics To Reach The Finals

Colin Cowherd Says Damian Lillard Is The Perfect Fit For The Celtics To Reach The Finals

The Boston Celtics haven't had the best start to the 2021/22 NBA season, struggling to win games constantly, setting the alarms at TD Garden. This campaign was initially expected to bring joy to the fans after the changes they made in the offseason. Yet, most things stayed the same for the Greens. 

New head coach Ime Udoka has struggled to make this team a competitive one, with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown carrying the offense while the rest of the squad tries to contribute on defense and any other aspect of the game. 

Still, this hasn't worked for the team so far, and they could make some big changes to turn things around and take their level to a new dimension. Recently, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd dropped an interesting idea that would help the 17-time NBA champions in their quest to play in the Finals for the first time since 2010. 

Talking on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” the host explained that trading for Damian Lillard would take Boston's game to the next level, mentioning Dame's leadership and Tatum's talent as the main reasons this team would finally win the Eastern Conference finals. 

Via Heavy:

“The Celtics are a perfect fit — This is why the Celtics trade we discussed (Wednesday) works,” Cowherd said. “Because Boston has somebody that’s a little bit the opposite of Dame. His name is Jayson Tatum.”

“Now, whereas Dame has great leadership skills, that’s the knock on Tatum. He’s just talented. Whereas Dame has an older body, Tatum only played one year of college and he’s only 23. Whereas Dame isn’t great on the defensive end of the floor, Tatum’s fine. Jayson Tatum and Dame — one’s ascending, one’s an older body who’s still great. But if Dame needs to be your No. 1 every night, then you’re the Portland Trail Blazers. But in Boston, he can be a (No.) 1 occasionally, a (No.) 1A a lot of nights, and then other nights he’s a (No.) 2. And that feels like a team that could get to the Finals,” Cowherd proclaimed.

This is an interesting idea for the Celtics, and they were actually linked with Dame in the past. The All-Star point guard would instantly boost the team's chances to come out of the East, and compete for the longed-for championship. 

In recent days, reports suggested the Celtics' front office could break the Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown duo. This could open the door for Dame. But, it's still early to say if the Celtics will pull the trigger on this move, and if Lillard requests a trade from the underwhelming Portland Trail Blazers.