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Colin Cowherd Says NBA Veteran Told Him Kevin Durant To Knicks Is '100 Percent Done'

Colin Cowherd Says NBA Veteran Told Him Kevin Durant To Knicks Is '100 Percent Done'

Although he’s hoping to be active as soon as possible following a calf injury against the Houston Rockets, Kevin Durant might also be thinking about his future after this season and what jersey he will be wearing next year. The NBA playoffs keep their course and now we’re closer to know the name of this season’s champion, but still, there are more topics to comment during the last couple of hours that the actual competition.

For example, one thing that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon is the landing of Kevin Durant in New York. The All-Star player is reportedly on his way to the big apple and has started recruiting assets to join him on his quest to lead the Knicks to the top of the league.

According to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd, a source told him Durant to the Knicks is "100 percent done" and KD is already trying to attract players to Madison Square Garden.

"An NBA veteran player that's very, very connected told me 15 minutes ago: KD to the Knicks is 100% done and he's made calls to other players," Cowherd said.

There were some scenarios that looked very plausible for the Knicks before the Draft lottery, but now that they’ve learned they will have the 3rd overall selection in the upcoming draft, that will change their original plans a little bit. Some rumors stated they were going to use Zion Williamson to get Anthony Davis if they got the 1st pick of the night, but now that the Pelicans have it instead, things are going to be different for both franchises.

At this very moment, Durant to the Knicks is totally happening, but we’ll have to wait to see if Durantula is able to recruit some good talent that helps him improve the team’s level. Some people talked about Kyrie Irving, others about Anthony Davis, but only time will tell what this franchise will eventually do.