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Collin Sexton Likes A Tweet Saying: "Kevin Love Stole $120 Million From The Cleveland Cavaliers. Heist Of The Century."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers young star Collin Sexton was recently caught liking a tweet that dissed one of his teammates, probably the biggest figure the Cavs have right now. Kevin Love has been part of the team since 2014 in the famous trade that sent Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota and has become the most important player on the team after Kyrie Irving and LeBron James left for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively.

Love now has a mentorship role on the roster but it seems like not everybody respects the big man. At least that is what Sexton's recent activity on social media suggests, with the player liking a tweet that says KL stole $120 million from the Cavs. The sharpshooter signed a 4-year, $120 million deal in the summer of 2018 when he was 29.

The Cavs were expected to keep competing with Love leading them but they've mightily struggled without LeBron James.

"Kevin Love stole $120 million from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Heist of the century," the tweet reads.

NBA fans took notice of Sexton liking that message, which sparked a lot of reactions around the league. KL seems to be a good mentor but not everybody seems to be fond of the idea of him as the leader of the team.


Collin showed very good things at the start of the season, giving the Cavs very good wins, including two against the Big 3 Brooklyn Nets. Things have changed for the team now, as they rank 12th in the Eastern Conference. They need a lot to do and develop before becoming a competitive team and hopefully, this situation won't create any trouble inside the organization. We already saw what happened with Kevin Porter Jr. so the Cavs hope that this is nothing and move on with Sexton and Love leading them.