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Collin Sexton Responds To Recent Criticisms: "They Say I Can't Be A Point Guard... I Can Do Both... Run The Team And Score The Ball As Well."

NBA Rumors- Cavaliers "Frustrated" With Collin Sexton Not Passing The Ball

Collin Sexton is one of the most promising players in the league. He has shown himself to be an extremely efficient scorer, currently averaging 24.5 PPG. Despite his amazing scoring ability, there have been many who have criticized him about his scoring-oriented playstyle, as it is often claimed that he doesn't necessarily set up his teammates, and dominates the ball.

It seems insane that a borderline 25.0 PPG scorer is being criticized despite having an amazing season with good efficiency. Collin Sexton himself is taking the criticism in stride. Chris Fedor of relayed Sexton's comments on the hate he has gotten. Sexton has claimed that he will silence the critics over the last stretch of the season by showing that he can be a great playmaker as well as a scorer.

Everybody got their opinion, everybody’s going to say what they have to say. I take bits and pieces and things. I don’t take everything they say. They feel like I’m not doing good at something, I’m going to make sure I prove them wrong. I just go out there and prove them wrong.

They say I can’t be a point guard. Now these next stretch of games I’m going to go out there and show them I can do both -- run the team and score the ball as well, and be efficient with it. I pretty much just take the criticism and run with it, and just have them look crazy down the stretch.”

Collin Sexton has shown himself to be a talented player, and one would think that he could adapt his playstyle. In the recent game against the Phoenix Suns, Sexton tallied 7 assists while scoring 29 points in an overtime loss. That performance may have resulted in a loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it showed just how special Sexton could be. If Collin Sexton is able to score efficiently while still being able to set up his teammates consistently, then he will become one of the best players in the league.