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Collin Sexton Says Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant And LeBron James Are GOATs In Their Eras

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Ever since Michael Jordan took over the NBA and made the league global by taking it to every single corner of the earth, there has been a narrative claiming that he'll always be considered the greatest player of all time.

That has been an undisputed truth by most old-school basketball fans, but it seems like that argument just isn't enough for the next couple of generations, who have thrown the names of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James also in the conversation.

The fans, the media, and even analysts have gone back-and-forth in this never-ending debate, as every one of those stars has enough milestones, records, and silverware under their belts to back their case as the greatest hooper to ever do it.

However, Cleveland Cavaliers' guard Collin Sexton doesn't feel that you should just label one of them as the GOAT when you could simply agree that they were all the greatest player in the world at some point in their careers:

"There are three of them, you can't really say one is the GOAT because of the different time eras. Gotta say Kobe, LeBron, MJ. Don't think there's just one person, don't know how LeBron would've played in MJ's era or Kobe in MJ's era. They're the GOATs in their eras," Sexton told Bleacher Report.

Honest to God, that's just the way we should think of this. Bill Russell was the best of his era, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the best of his era, and these three guys were the best of their time.

Make no mistake, there will be many more legendary players that will come to the NBA in the years to come and they'll likely enter the GOAT conversation as well, and that doesn't mean that we should forget about what Jordan, Bryant, and James did. Let's stop comparing and start enjoying greatness.