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Concerns For Kristaps Porzingis And His ACL Recovery Are Rising


It is certainly sad to see an NBA career be derailed by injury.

In the case of Kristaps Porzingis, the circumstances made things especially tough. After getting booed on the stage during draft night, he won over the hearts of the people. And then, once he proved to be a star, the culture in New York began to change around him as well.

Slowly but surely, the Knicks were pulling themselves back together.

With the devastating ACL tear, came an interruption to all of that. While the team is still better of than what they've bene accustomed to, not knowing the health status of Porzingis makes things harder on all fronts for them.

Worse still, with the way things are looking now, there's no guarantee we'll see him again this season at all.

The Latvian is still not sprinting, according to coach David Fizdale, and remains at about the same level as prior to training camp: he’s shooting and jogging lightly.

“He’s still kind of there,” Fizdale said. “Not huge jumps.”

To not be even running after nine months of rehab is certainly a less than ideal spot to be, especially when the fate of an entire franchise hangs in the balance.

No doubt the team (and everyone else for that matter) is rooting for him to come back better than ever.