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Court-Side View Shows How Affected LeBron James Was After Chris Paul 'Dirty' Play: Grabbing His Shoulder, Getting Up, Falling To One Knee

lebron affected

LeBron James and Chris Paul starred in a controversial play Sunday afternoon when the two good friends were entangled on a box-out. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar took the worst part, and he was clearly affected by that play. He had trouble remaining on his feet while feeling pain. 

After that play, Montrezl Harrell and Cameron Payne stole the attention as they got into a scuffle. Many people believed CP3 tried to hurt LeBron in that play, but things weren't that serious for him. Even James dismissed that sequence when reporters inquired about it. 

Well, new footage has revealed how LeBron was after that play, limping, grabbing his shoulder, and more. 

While everybody was focusing on the altercation between Harrell and Payne, LeBron walked to the sideline, where Jason Kidd tried to help him. He fell to one knee before he started limping without an apparent reason. 

Fans noticed that, and NBA Reddit didn't have mercy with the King. They criticized his extra actions and how he sells these plays for the cameras like the best Hollywood actor. 

lebron limping 8
lebron limping 7
lebron limping 6
lebron limping 5
lebron limping 4
lebron limping 3
lebron limping 2
lebron limping 1

LeBron has been known for doing this. He's one of the best (or worst) floppers in the league, but this is taking things too far. Lakers and Suns play again tonight, and the purple and gold will try to tie the series after losing the first game against an intense and inspired team. 

They'll need to do many things better and focus on the game if they want to win. Unfortunately, those antics won't help the Lakers reach the next round of the postseason.