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Courtside Fan Starts Awkward Confrontation With Russell Westbrook During Preseason Game: "Where The Hair Dye At?"

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On the court, Russell Westbrook is a fierce and ferocious competitor, and often gives off a spark of energy that ignites the entire team.

Off the court, Westbrook is somewhat of a fashion icon.

We've seen him, on many occasions, rock wacky and bold ensembles on his body, and they almost always find their way in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately for Russ, his fashion choices can also draw tons of negative attention as well.

Over the summer, Westbrook got flamed for his notorious New York Fashion Week outfit, where he wore a skirt and rocked blue-colored hair.

It was a highly, highly controversial move that sparked a surprising amount of backlash from the NBA community.

"Not no n-gga I ever grew up and messed around with gonna be walking around in the streets with a dress on and some muthaf---ing boots and keep my respect. and say he heterosexual," said Kwame Brown. "Now if he gay, cool I don't give a f-ck.

But when you say you a heterosexual male and that's what you do, then f-ck you and that's my opinion."

Even now, his rather eccentric fashion choices continue to haunt him.

During Thursday's preseason game against the Kings, a courtside fan called out Westbrook with some words about his hair.

"Brodie, where the hair dye at? You gotta dye your heir! You play better! Blue hair!"

We don't know for sure if the fan was referencing the NYC photoshoot in particular, but it was obviously meant as some kind of insult.

Russ, who kept it mostly cool, seemed rather unimpressed.

"Shut the f-ck up! Dye my hair, I play better... what that mean?"

Unfortunately, it's rather common for courtside fans to heckle the players like this. For whatever reason, fans love to test the patience of some of these guys and, in the past, Russ has been involved in some pretty heated scuffles.

This time, things didn't progress very far and the only evidence it even happened is this short little clip.

It was a little uncomfortable, yes, but it could have been far, far worse all things considered.