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Cousins And Other Centers Earn $300 Million Less Than Average Centers In 2016

Cousins Warriors

The NBA salary cap is rising up every year, letting teams offer ridiculous amounts of money to players. In 2015-16, the salary cap was sitting at $77 million and now the salary cap is $99 million. A huge difference in 2 years, allowing huge contracts like LeBron James’ 4-year $153 million.

According to Tommy Beer, 2016 NBA summer was great for big men when they signed for a total of $365 million.

In 2016, Timofey Mozgov, Joakim Noah, Ian Mahinmi, Meyers Leonard, Bismack Biyombo & Miles Plumlee signed for a total of $365 million. Back in 2016, you could say some of these contracts were deserving.

However, these centers are definitely overpaid now and are getting average minutes off the bench or not even in the selected lineups.

This summer, centers DeMarcus Cousins, Brook Lopez, Nerlens Noel, Greg Monroe and JaVale McGee have signed for a combined total of $17 million. With the talent these guys have, especially Cousins, it seems outrageous that their salaries are so low. However, another factor has an influence towards this.

Today’s NBA players are more eager to team-up with other all-stars to have a better chance at winning a championship. You could say this was frowned upon in back in the day, but it has become almost normal. These centers have taken lower salaries so teams with a lot of talent can still afford them. A controversial move by DeMarcus Cousins signing with Golden State this summer, accepting a 1-year $5 million contract. All for the best chance at getting his first ring.