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Craig Hodges: 'Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Player Of All-Time'

Craig Hodges: 'Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Player Of All-Time'

Craig Hodges won two NBA titles with the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls after he was traded to Chicago from Phoenix. He lived some good times in the Windy City and he recently sat to remember some of his most memorable moments while playing alongside His Airness.

Hodges told VLAD the story of how he met MJ and how he predicted they would be successful together. He first signed with the San Diego Clippers, then moved to the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, his prior teams before arriving at Chicago. During his time with Milwaukee, Hodges felt he was going to do big things with MJ.

“When I was in Milwaukee, I recall we [Michael Jordan] were in the playoffs. And this probably two or three years before we became teammates. We were going through layup lines and we happened to meet at the half-court answer got each other up.I’m telling him, ‘Yo brother when we get together we are going to win championships’ and we go back to our layup lines,” Hodges said, via Essentially Sports.

Once he landed in Chicago, he learned first hand that MJ was especial and he witnessed all the great things he was capable of doing on the court.

"But when all of that is taken away and we practice, you could see who he was,” he said.

“To see my brother up close and personal on a daily basis, practicing against him, I knew what he was and who he was and as far as him being perhaps the greatest player to play the game. It was fun man,” Hodges added. “It’s one of those things where there is a level of competition and you either rise to it or you don’t.”

Hodges had previously

called out MJ for telling the infamous ‘cocaine circus story’

on his docu-series 'The Last Dance', but that hasn't changed his mind about the great player MJ was and how impactful he was for the game of basketball and the Chicago Bulls.