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Crazy Comparison Of Kobe's 2014 Season And LeBron's 2019 Season

Crazy Comparison Of Kobe's 2014 Season And LeBron's 2019 Season

The Los Angeles Lakers have been blessed with having some of the most talented and iconic players in the history of the gameplay for them.

Two of these players include the retired Kobe Bryant and the great LeBron James who is halfway through his first season in L.A. Many have tried to compare the two legends in the past with opinions very divided on who the better player is.

However, an interesting statistic may show that the two are more similar than many believe. In the 2013-14 season, Kobe Bryant was 34 and the Lakers had a 28-29 record. After 57 games this season, the Lakers are once again 28-29 with LeBron James at 34 years old leading the team.

In the Lakers recent game against the Atlanta Hawks, many opposing Hawks fans were yelling out that “Kobe’s better”.

Kobe Bryant led the 2014 campaign for L.A as he guided them to a playoffs appearance with an end of season record of 45-37. That side did also include players such as Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Ron Artest who all played their role.

There will be a lot of interest in where LeBron can take this current Lakers team from here on out, most of his teammates have been used as trade bait for the New Orleans Pelicans big man, Anthony Davis. However, with the Pelicans waiting until the end of the season to trade AD, it looks more likely that he will sign with the Celtics rather than the Lakers. This means players like Lonzo Ball will most likely remain on the roster for the following season.

It’s unlikely that LeBron will be able to take this specific team to a championship anytime soon but with the team currently sitting 10th in the standings, the Lakers will be looking to do everything they can to return to the postseason.