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Crazy NBA Plays That Didn't Count


Check out all the crazy shots, dunks and other moves that didn't count in the NBA so far.

This is the unique video, and you can see great dunks by Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook and Tracy McGrady, but unfortunately they are not the part of NBA highlights because they didn't count.

Plays of this nature very rarely get any airtime in mainstream media, so it's quite a refreshing to see a spotlight on killer plays that never really existed.

Just check the comments:

- It got me mad when some of these didn't count, like Shannon Brown's block, or Jeff Teague's dunk.

- Is it me of Blake Griffin feels like a SG or PG?

- Shannon Brown can really fly to bad he's not famous now.

- Who else didn't realize how much of a beast dunker Teague was until this?

- 1:14 Richard Jefferson's dunk is obviously not a foul, those are the types of Griffin's dunks where he holds the defender's hand but the ref won't call it against Blake...

- When the referees denied the best moment of your life...