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Cris Carter Says Kawhi Leonard Wants To Play With Lebron James

Cris Carter Says Kawhi Leonard Wants To Play With Lebron James

The whole basketball world is talking about Kevin Durant’s comments about LeBron James and how stars don’t want to play with the four-time MVP.

Cris Carter and Nick Wright have been the latest members of the media to add their opinion on Durant’s comments when they spoke on the program, First Things First.

The most notable moment of the interview was when Cris Carter disagreed with the comments, Carter is very close to Kawhi Leonard and he believes that Leonard certainly doesn’t share the same opinion as Durant.

"I have a pretty good relationship with a star (Kawhi), and that's not what I hear".

Durant spoke about players like Kawhi as ones who could be affected by a so-called “toxic” environment but if Carter is correct then there’s every chance that a big-name player may well join LeBron in L.A next season.

Nick Wright was quite defensive of LeBron James when it came to Durant’s comments about ‘fanboys’ being another reason why players don’t want to be playing in a “toxic” environment around LeBron. When responding to Durant’s comments, Wright questions how could anyone not be a fan of ‘The King’.

“And to which I would say to Kevin Durant is this, how could you not be? This is a distinctly American story of amazing success against unimaginable odds and a guy who’s had had unreal pressure and expectations put on him at every step, scrutiny the likes of which Durant dealt with about 10% of the scrutiny LeBron dealt with his whole career” Wright says about LeBron’s friends.

“LeBron has never had a misstep, his biggest mistake publicly raised three million dollars for charity… he literally built a school in Cleveland and is putting 1200 kids through college himself, like absolutely I’m a fan of LeBron James, who wouldn’t be?”

Kevin Durant’s original comments were in no way intended to be disrespectful, they were just simply an opinion. When the next off-season approaches, there will be a lot of media attention focused on the Lakers and if a second big-name star joins the squad to play alongside LeBron.