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D-Wade, Bulls, Reach Buyout Agreement


Welp, here we go again.

Before things got a chance to calm down after the Melo trade, another star could be on the move.

Just a short while ago, Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls reached a buyout agreement (as reported by the Chicago Tribune), making him a Free-Agent.

Interestingly enough, Wade actually gave back some of the money to make the agreement work. Out of the $23.8 million paid to him by the buyout, the veteran shooting guard gave $8 million back to the Bulls.

As far as what's next for Wade, multiple suitors have already lined up. The Cavaliers are considered the favorites, as they've already guaranteed him a starting spot in the lineup. Of course, there's also the matter of LeBron James, who is Wade's best friend and former teammate in Miami.


The Heat is obviously a strong contender as well, being Dwyane Wade's old team. His connection to the city and the organization is one that can never truly be broken.

The Spurs and Thunder have also been named possibilities for Wade, with both being very desirable destinations.

With all these options open, don't expect Wade to make his decision right away. He'll talk, he'll listen, and he'll wait until the choice is clear to him. But with NBA season fast approaching and training camps just a few days out, there's going to be some added pressure for the 35-year-old All-Star.

The team he chooses will play a hand in how he ends his career. If he makes the right choice, he could retire smelling like a rose. If not, well, that's never a pretty sight to see.