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Daddy Carlos Hated And Harassed LeBron James Every Time He Has Played Against The Hawks

Credit: IG/daddycarlos006

Credit: IG/daddycarlos006

LeBron James was taunted by a couple of fans during Monday night's game between the Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers. The 36-year-old engaged in a verbal battle with a couple sitting courtside and the girl was anything but happy with the player, threatening to beat him up if he kept staring down and talking bad to her husband.

Things escalated and the couple was removed from the arena, with the lady later explaining what really happened between her and LeBron. She said the King stared down at her husband and she didn't like that, going after Bron for his attitude. Well, now we've learned that her husband, Daddy Carlos, has been saying bad things about James for the past couple of years.

Recently, a LeBron James fan account found out that Carlos has been harassing Bron for some time now and he even sent a DM to the King calling him a "crybaby." LeBron had a clear response to that and everybody is laughing about it now.

Carlos shared pics of him near LeBron James during games. While James was in the Cavs, in 2017, this man was already taking shots at the player on social media. He had the chance to taunt him face to face and didn't miss it, but LeBron fired back and he was ejected from the game.

In the end, LeBron won the game, 107-99, and this couple couldn't do anything to prevent that. This wasn't the first time LeBron was taunted by somebody on the court and it probably won't be the last, but he's ready to get back at you if you're disrespectful to him.

Credit for idea: lebron.king.james