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Damian Lillard Fires Back At Shaq With New Diss Track

(via NBA Buzz)

(via NBA Buzz)

Damian Lillard is a star on the basketball court. He's also a star in the studio.

In the most recent display of his rhythmic talent, Lillard produced a diss track directed towards Shaquille O'Neal titled 'Reign Reign Go Away,' and it's scorching the internet.

The track featured a number of shots at Shaq. Lillard—who has a signature shoe line with Adidas—took a jab at O'Neal's shoes ("Your shoes s--t") before turning his attention to basketball. The Portland guard then called out Shaq's NBA championships, saying "Kobe won you them rings [with the Lakers]" and "In Miami, won that on the strength of Flash." The ongoing feud between the two started when Lillard addressed O'Neal's presence in the rap game on The Joe Budden Podcast.

"People weren't looking at it like he's a real rapper," Lillard said. "It was like, 'That's Shaq rapping.' So, of course, it was a big deal."

O'Neal released his own diss track at Dame to counter that comment, essentially starting the rap battle.

With the season preparing to start, it's unlikely Dame will have much time to work in the studio. But now that both sides have released their own tracks, it'll be up to us to decide to the better one is.