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Damian Lillard And The NBA Community React To Kevin Durant's Top Five Teammate List

(via Rip City Project)

(via Rip City Project)

Kevin Durant recently listed off his list of the top five teammates ever, naming Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. After taking some time to think, and then being reminded of his existence, he also named Russell Westbrook.

Despite Russ' inclusion on the list, reactions sprung up from all over, with more than a few eyebrows raised that Durant would nearly forget one of his most memorable partners. Damian Lillard was the first player to respond, sending out a single-emoji Tweet.

Angry fans, of course, made sure to remind Durant of how talented Westbrook is, clearly appalled that KD would forget his teammate of 8 years.

For many, the idea of having Serge over Westbrook, if even for a moment, was a travesty in the highest order. Even Dame found it a bit shocking.

Durant has been with Russ longer than anyone, and what they were able to do in OKC is nothing short of spectacular. But considering the history between these two, how they broke up, and the narrative surrounding their "rivalry," it's really no surprise the NBA world has them pitted up against each other again.

Could you imagine how bad the fallout would be if Durant didn't correct his mistake?