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Damian Lillard Denies Reports That LeBron James And Kawhi Leonard Were Adamant About Not Resuming Play

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

On Wednesday night, a lot of reports surfaces from inside the bubble, telling different stories about what was going on in the players' meeting. One of the biggest stories of the night were the Lakers and the Clippers voting against the resumption of the playoffs, following the boycotts of yesterday's games. LeBron James and his team, as well as the Clippers, reportedly left the meeting out of anger.

It looks like that wasn't the case. At least that's what Damian Lillard claimed after reports surfaced about LeBron and Kawhi Leonard addressing the situation and saying the right move was to cancel the rest of the playoffs. Damian Lillard denied those claims, asking where they heard all the things said about LeBron and Kawhi. Lillard commented, “where they get this info” on an Instagram post.

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While some reports say LeBron was angry because he wanted to cancel the whole playoffs, others say he was mad at the Milwaukee Bucks players for boycotting their game without telling anybody.

Lillard didn't reveal too much, either, so it remains unknown what really happened in that room.

The players will have a second meeting today to try to come up with a solution to this situation. Hopefully, it will be useful for everybody.